The Strength of Teachers

About Certified Life Coach Brenna Nelson & The Strength of Teachers Programs

Hello! My name is Brenna Nelson. I am a long-time educator turned Certified Life Coach and I am on a mission to help teachers everywhere learn to tap into their own inner strength to create a teacher life they love! 

Back in 2020, I discovered the concept of "life coaching" as I was struggling to balance my career, my personal goals, all while parenting my own four small children.  On a whim, I joined a group coaching program expecting to learn a few tricks or tips to improve my parenting. What I didn't realize was that the concepts that I was about to learn would completely transform my life--and I'm not exaggerating! 

As I learned how to manage my mind, I discovered that I could create any result I wanted in my life. I realized that I wasn't a victim to my circumstances or other people's behavior--including my students' behavior! I learned that I was in control of my life and my results!

The more I learned about the concepts taught by The Life Coach School founder, Brooke Castillo, the more empowered I felt in all areas of my life--including the classroom! I naturally wanted to help my colleagues and teacher friends feel empowered through life coaching as well! I enrolled in The Life Coach School September 2022 and Certified in December 2022!  

Since then, I have been striving to help teachers (many of whom are struggling right now) build a life they love in and out of the classroom! I created The Strength of Teachers to provide amazing educators with the skills with tools and skills to transform their lives! There is a better way to be a teacher!

If you are a teacher facing difficulties, please reach out! I can help and your first session is free for a limited time!  

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